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D & H Family

November 25, 2020

I must brag and say that D&H Cabinets has by far the best group of employees around.

There is no doubt that the Covid pandemic has created many challenges for small businesses, ours included. Our industry was just recovering from drastically increased prices due to tariffs on plywood and steel when the new pandemic hit. We have spent the last eight months struggling to determine what is best for our business, our employees, and our customers. We have certainly not been perfect in our execution, but we have learned a lot about ourselves as business owners, cabinet makers, and humans. We have also learned that we are blessed enough to have employees that are determined to also do what is best for our business, their co-workers, and our customers. I must brag and say that D&H Cabinets has by far the best group of employees around. They have all gone above and beyond to do everything that has been asked of them and more to ensure we can keep working and keep our customers safe. During this time some of our employees contracted or were exposed to Covid. While they were out, their co-workers did not hesitate to step in and take on additional responsibilities. We even lost a member of our D&H family to the virus. During this time, our employees supported each other like a family. I am so proud of our business. I am proud of the craftsmanship displayed in our cabinets. I am proud of the attention to detail we have in addressing the needs of our customers. I am proud of the forty years of tradition that the name D&H Cabinets stands for. Most of all I am proud of the family we are. That family is not my doing or even my father’s doing. That family exists because we have the best employees! My least favorite part of this year is that we are not going to be able to have our annual holiday celebration. This party is a time where we get together outside of work and celebrate each other. More than any other tradition, I am going to miss this one! Here is a picture from a holiday party a couple of years ago. I hope each of our employees knows how much I appreciate them!

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